Your Chapter at Work in 2019 – Where Your Dues are Spent


  • $2700 Projected dues from Membership Renewals ($15 of each $45 dues paid) and New Members ($20 of each $50 dues paid) based on CRS membership of approximately 190 members.
  • $200 Fundraisers: Amazon Smile and Kroger Community Rewards.
  • $120 Beachcombers Haven retreats for compensation of use of CRS funds.
  • $8500 In 2014, Jean Kennedy bequeathed to CRS her sewing items that generated this handsome sum via a garage sale and individual machine sales.

Today: $0 These past 5 years this fund, now at zero, has supplemented our CRS events as Jean’s wish was the funds be used for education. We brought in well-known speakers and passed savings on to our class attendees by routinely charging under the full costs of lunch, instructor, room, and materials fees.

  • In the future, it may be necessary to increase our class fees to continue bringing such high-powered speakers to our members.

Chapter Events

  • $0 to $150 Rental fee at our various meeting locations.
  • The Portland Bible Church does not charge CRS. We make a donation based on the number of rooms and ask that our members consider donations to the church’s non-perishable food drive.
  • $700 to $3000 Fees for local, national, and international Speakers.
  • $200 to $1050 Additional Speaker fees include air/ground transportation, hotel, and/or class material fees.

Chapter Board

  • $100 President’s Challenge Awards
  • $30 Each Board member’s national dues paid.
  • President’s expenses to Annual Conference as per ASG Policies &Procedures.
  • Sunshine: card remembrances to our members and memorial donations


  • $0 Online newsletter issues has eliminated any printing/postage costs.
  • $72 Lucidpress newsletter editing online software.

Ongoing Supplies/Equipment

  • Meeting hostess supplies: coffee/tea, paper dinnerware/cups, etc.
  • Envelopes, postage, printing, name tags as needed.
  • Meeting equipment as needed: microphone, projector, etc.
  • Maintenance on CRS owned Janome Jems as needed.


  • $15 domain name and forwarding service.
  • $156 InMotion, WordPress specific hosting.
  • Professional site maintenance fee expected in 2020.

ASG National covers event insurance coverage and files all IRS required forms on our behalf.