Tribute to Hazel Cox


Hazel Cox was one of the 12-15 women who chartered the Portland ASG chapter (CRS). She originally joined CRS to meet other sewers, learn new skills and ideas.

Hazel was quite active. As Special Events chair she learned a lot about planning meetings. “As we got one meeting out of the way, I was looking ahead to planning the next.”

Hazel learned sewing from her mother and Home Ec teacher. Her earliest sewing memory and first big project was sewing a dress in Home Ec class. She was proudest of the quilts she made for her granddaughters. She sewed casual garments, quilted and did machine embroidery

The person she most admired was her grandmother. In the early 1900’s, recently widowed with two small children, Hazel’s grandmother moved from Los Angeles to northern California. She moved to an area she knew nothing about and carried a big responsibility to care for her young family. Other women who also set out on a courageous path who Hazel admired were the women who came across on the Oregon Trail. They picked up from their lives in the Midwest and walked and guided the oxen who pulled their carts. They endured such hardships and almost all were widowed by the time they got to Oregon. Her special friend was included in this list, Karlene Hart, also a CRS member, who is an excellent seamstress and who always has time for her family and her church.

Hazel was a retired Registered Nurse having received her diploma from Kaiser Hospital School of Nursing. She is survived by her husband Larry. She had a favorite movie—Same Time Next Year, a book—All Together in One Place, and she listened to show tunes and classical music.

This information was gathered from CRS newsletter articles in 2005 and 2012. One of the true joys of our guild for Hazel was finding others who enjoyed and shared her passion for sewing.