Learning from Susan Khalje

Susan Khalje joined Columbia River Sewing June 8-9, 2018.  Here are a few comments about the Friday Trunk Show and Saturday Hand Sewing Techniques Workshop.

Susan Khalje hosted the Trunk Show on Friday; CRS members were her models. Lynn Findlay was beautiful in a Liberty lawn dress, as well as a piped jacket, Norma Gregor rocked a lace overlay dress, Katie Oaks modeled a stunning bolero made of Alençon lace found by Susan in a Paris flea market, Mary Field wore an all-cotton dress, and Jacqueline Villnave modeled a dress with horsehair in the hem done to help hold the skirt’s shape. Joyce Lee-Westdal modeled a long, reversible jacket. Pam Archer and Suzanne Olson were each elegant in French-style jackets.

Don’t be afraid of hand picking a zipper. You have so much control of placement than by machine and it is easier to do than expected. I may never machine stitch a zipper again but hand-pick for pleasure and meditation.

I always wanted a class like this. We laughed, learned and stitched. What a perfect day! I learned so much! I hated to see it come to an end.
Couture sewing is easy when one knows the secrets of the tools of the trade. This beats the sewing machine any day. No frustration!!!