President’s Challenge 2019

Challenge Yourself!

Here’s a challenge that you get to choose.

Think of something sewing-related that you would like to challenge yourself to accomplish in 2019. Nothing is too simple, or too complicated, as long as it’s related to the mission of ASG – Advancing Sewing as an Art and Life Skill. Even if you have very little time for sewing, go for something you could do with the time you have, as long as it’s a challenge for you.

Participate in the challenge and you will be entered into a prize drawing at our Annual Meeting in December.

  • One entry per person
  • Winners are chosen randomly so everyone has an equal chance of winning

Take some time to think about something that is a real challenge for you. Post your challenge on GroupWorks, Facebook, or Instagram for additional motivation and to inspire others.

To enter complete the form below.

Need some inspiration?

What about mastering zippers or buttons, sewing with a challenging fabric, organizing your patterns and fabric stash, using a complex pattern, getting a great fit, using all the features on your machine, creating a capsule wardrobe, making a couture garment, volunteering to lead a group or retreat, posting your creations on social media?

Jacqueline Villnave

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