Online Meetings with Zoom

Zoom is an audio/video conferencing platform that uses the cloud. Starting in 2011, the company focused primarily on enterprise customers. Today Zoom being used by schools for remote learning, as well as conducting business remotely. It is also a way for families to stay in touch.

Our chapter is about sewing, but it’s also about friendships and staying connected. We have chapter meetings, NG and SIG meetings, and CAB meetings as well as meeting 1 on 1. Zoom is an option to continue those meetings from our homes.

After a test meeting with some of the CAB members, we decided Zoom would be a good option for the our meetings. Overall, the process to sign up and join a meeting was easy. To help our members get started we’ve gathered a few resources. These are just the fundamentals, so you should explore the Zoom app and Help Center to become more knowledgeable and comfortable.

For information on scheduled online meetings go here.

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Getting Started

Joining a meeting

Email meeting invitations will look something like this.

[ORGANIZER] is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: [TOPIC]
Time: DATE/TIME Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting[MEETING ID URL]

Meeting ID: [MEETING ID]
Password: [PASSWORD] (optional, so may not be included)

While, you can click on the link at the time of the meeting, depending on your default browser, extra time and steps may be involved. It’s easier to copy the MEETING ID and access the meeting from the application on your computer or device. The images below are abbreviated from the Zoom website and assume you have completed the steps above. Click on image for detail.

Be sure to select to connect both Audio and Video before you Join the meeting.

Depending on your computer’s system or the device you are using, you can take advantage of the video and see participants in a single window.

  • Up to 49 participants in a window on computers (Maximum is dependent on your computer. Check minimum Windows and Mac system requirements.)
  • Up to 4 participants on Android or iPhone
  • Up to 9 participants on iPad in landscape mode




Visit Zoom Help Center for device specific instructions on Displaying Participants in Gallery View.

Scheduling Meetings

You can schedule a meeting from the Zoom web portal or the Zoom application on your computer or device. Visit How Do I Schedule Meetings in the Zoom Help Center for device specific instructions.

  • Meetings can be one-time or recurring
  • Free group meetings are a maximum of 40 minutes


  • Be sure to check” Enable join before host”