Special Event with Anne Whalley

Columbia River Sewing welcomes Anne Whalley back to Portland for a special two-day event. Join us for one, two, or all three presentations.

The Marriage of Fabrics and Patterns
Create the clothes that suit your body and your lifestyle
$25 ASG / $30 Non-ASG
Deconstructing Your Body Into a 2D Block Pattern
$25 ASG / $30 Non-ASG
Getting Creative with a Block Pattern
and Integrating Commercial Patterns
$25 ASG / $30 Non-ASG
How a Block Pattern Can Change Your Life

Commercial patterns have a dazzling array of styles to fit aperfectly proportioned body. However, Sewists realize they may not have a perfect or symmetrical body. These presentations will show you how to create a perfect pattern shape of your body to which commercial pattern styles and features can be applied.

The result is a garment that looks great and fits like nothing else will.

DATES: Saturday, March 7 and Sunday, March 8

Mill End Store – Milwaukie
9701 SE McLoughlin Blvd

FEES: Per Presentation: $25 ASG / $30 Non-ASG
Attendees will receive a Mill End Store discount coupon.
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Registration closes Friday, March 6 at 11:59 pm PST.

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I was drawn into fashion at an early age. When I started working I found it more gratifying to make Vogue clothes than to buy them retail. This allowed my creative juices to flow experimenting with colours, patterns & textiles. Making my own clothes styled by some of the best designers in the world allowed me the freedom to make clothes that not only fitted me but also looked great.

I have been creating “new wardrobes” since my early 20’s. One such early collection happened to turn the head of the man I was to marry. That was unexpected and has been a good decision for nearly 30+ years with two grown up children.

After many years of learning, through trial and error, I found I needed the help of experts to help solve some of my fashion questions. So I took up formal studies at the Melbourne College of Textiles & Fashion Design in 1984. I found that being under the guidance and watchful eye of experts very fulfilling & rewarding. This opened my eyes to a more structured approach of finding fashion. I could now continue my adventure in fashion design with new eyes & a sense of what works and what doesn’t.

So for nearly three decades I have continued to find fulfillment in helping people find outfits for special events, wardrobe makeovers, creating & making stylish clothes for myself & family.

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