Eastside Day NG News – January 2018

The East Side Day Neighborhood Group had a busy year with a lot of work on our chapter’s charity projects. We made bags for Days for Girls, weighted lap pads for Giving Connection, lots and lots of bags for My New Red Shoes and some Christmas stockings for a holiday need.

So, it was time to have some fun at the holiday party. For the third year, we tried our hand at drawing, but not the normal type. Members placed a paper plate on top of their heads and then proceeded to draw the sewing objects I called out. It’s not as easy as it looks. At the end, points were awarded for the exactness of the drawing.

This year we awarded the top achievers our version of an Emmy or an Oscar. It’s called a “Spoolie.” Our gift exchange got us out of our seats and active, passing gifts LEFT and RIGHT as The Night Before Christmas was read. At the end, everyone opened a nice gift or ornament. Treats are always a part of our meetings. This meeting is especially good since everyone brings a sample of one of their favorite holiday treats. Best of all, there was a lot of free time for just chatting with our sewing friends.

Sharon Sink