Community Service

For Columbia River Sewing members, community service projects are a key element of our programs and activities. As a chapter, we have partnered with selected local organizations, providing sewing services and specialty items to support their work in serving a variety of needs. Our contributions have ranged from supporting high-risk maternity patients, children in foster care, end-of-life patients and crime/disaster victims. Beyond our designated chapter programs, individuals within our group also lead and contribute to projects and programs meeting diverse needs across our communities, including homeless persons, medical teams and refugee children.

There is always a need for more member involvement in community service projects. Please contact Community Service to learn about ways to participate in a project or to connect with others who are already doing so. You get to choose how much time you can contribute and there’s lots of flexibility. In addition to the benefits you send out to others in our community, it’s a Great way to get to know other members.

It is a joy and a privilege to use our skills and passions to help and support others. Each item we create is an expression of our compassion and encouragement for each recipient. These activities remind us that:

Sewing brings care and comfort to all life’s challenges and celebrations.

Providence Portland New Beginnings

We have partnered with Providence Portland New Beginnings to support their higher-risk maternity patients.  Most are hospitalized for days—or weeks—prior to delivery and many face significant challenges. The Providence social work team works to teach skills for managing anxiety and/or depression, not only during this time but, hopefully, when they return home to families. They provide cinch backpacks to be used in the hospital to store materials used to teach mindfulness, meditation, and other stress-management techniques.

The usefulness of the bags will not end there—each patient takes their bag home and it may be used for a number of other uses—perhaps a child will use it for school or an adult will use it on outings.

Contact Community Service for more information.

Providence New Beginnings Cinch Bag

Passage Quilt Project

Passage Quilt Project smallThe Passage Quilt Project at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center is an effort to comfort end-of-life patients and their families. Volunteers create varied Passage Quilts and a patient’s family members then select a quilt from those available. Approximately 400 quilts are provided each year to these patients in transition and their families.

Stitch pre-cut quilt top kits or donate a quilt top (which will then be layered, quilted and finished by volunteers) or a completed quilt of your own creation.

To request kits or for more information, contact Passage Quilt Project Coordinator.

 Passage Quilt Project Guidelines


My Red Shoes

This program is ceasing operations in the Portland area. Our members have indicated a strong preference for local charities so we will be looking for other opportunities to serve our community through our sewing. If you have ideas or suggestions, please share them with Community Service.

Contact My Red Shoes Coordinator if you have already made bags or for more information.